Trans/Air Manufacturing, a manufacturer of vehicle climate control systems, offers a full line of products to meet the needs of IC and IC Dealers. Use the website to specify the most recommended Trans/Air systems for all your IC School Buses and Commerercial Derivative Vehicles.
IC Air
The IC AIR Program provides for seamless integration of Trans/Air systems into your IC School and Commercial Derivative Buses. The OEM engineered and approved installation takes place while your bus is being built, which eliminates interest charges associated with aftermarket installations.

Click the link below to see a list of currently offered IC AIR a/c system feature codes.

  Factory A/C Installation Options

Trans/Air Turnkey Aftermarket Program
For all other air conditioning systems that are not yet offered through the IC Air factory installation program, use this Trans/Air Aftermarket System Configurator. Click on the link to learn more about the Trans/Air Turnkey Aftermarket Program.
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Trans/Air Turnkey Aftermarket Program
"The Basics"

• Utilize this website to configure or spec out a Trans/Air system.

• Dealers can place orders directly to Trans/Air for any of the systems shown by using the Dealer Installed or Turnkey Installed Part Numbers which are provided by this website.

• If the order is for a Dealer Installed Part Number, Trans/Air will ship system product directly to the Dealer (freight collect).

• If the order is for a Turnkey Installed Part Number, Trans/Air will coordinate with the Dealer and/or IC to schedule a full system installation at either Trans/Air Oklahoma (Tulsa, OK) or Trans/Air South Central (Mayflower, AR).

• Once a direct shipment to the Dealer or turnkey installation is complete, Trans/Air will invoice the Dealer directly (Direct Shipment to Dealer = Invoice is for system only; Turnkey Installation = Invoice is for system, installation, and freight).